Welcome to Class 11

Spring holidays are here

Hi Class 11,

Spring holidays are upon us so enjoy a extremely well deserved break.

Take care, be peaceful and keep a kind heart.

Take the time to do what you enjoy and to enjoy what you do.

Murray & Elizabeth.

Term 4 Upcoming SAC tasks

Week 1 : German

Week 2 : Math Methods

Week 3 : Studio Art, Drama, Geography

Week 4 :  

Circadian rhythms well aligned,

 as the world keeps slowly turning.

yet this year unfolds,

events untold,

at home with Distance Learning.

Despite all this to rock our ship, 

with all that is prevailing.

our Class 11,

 a dream form heaven,


keep on sailing.

Transferring Images of School work

We have learnt that some parents are experiencing difficulty emailing large files through to Teachers.  In order to assist, we have created a 'We Transfer' account to help facilitate this process.


Please click on the link above to transfer your files.  You will not be asked to sign up or create an account, but you will need to provide your email address and then enter the six digit code that will be received so as to verify the transfer.

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