Monday: September 6:

Hello all and welcome to the final week! Please find below everything you will need to get you prepared for the SAC on Thursday.

Make sure you read the Assessment Outline and Checklist documents very carefully.

I look forward to hearing from you all very soon, and helping you however I can.


Required Reading:
Extension: for Essay students in particular
Extension: recommended for everybody - may/may not be useful

Wednesday, September 1: Hi all,

Feeling behind in the work and stressed at the moment? This is not unexpected...
Please watch the following video where I explain why you only need to feel whelmed:

This long list is for the next Week! Sorry It's so big but I need to accomodate for people who work in different rhythms. Chip away at it. It is not all compulsory - but it is all VERY HELPFUL.
I hope to put the rest up later in the week but have to focus on getting all my classes ready for SACs first. Apologies. 
Final note: I am trying to not post much new work next week so I also have more time to help anyone who needs it. Once you have finished the work and started your planning, I am happy to call or respond to anyone's emails about their SAC planning.

Good luck all - remember to breathe deeply - there's a lot of things to keep track of - but there's also plenty of time. Do it in steps and chunks. Jake.

Monday, August 30: Hi all,

Today we start turning all our attention to SAC prep. I have a few things to begin with, but the main focus from now until Wednesday: re-familiarise yourself with The Crucible.

The documents below should make it all clear, as well as giving you an overview of what needs to happen from today, until the SAC.

Previous videos

FRIDAY: I know we don't have a lesson today - but I thought I would upload some answers to Chapters 4 and 5 - just in case it helps or so you can keep chipping away at double-checking your own answers.

Thursday, August 26

Please find last 2 chapters below! Great work on (nearly) getting through this week - it must have felt like a busy one at times. All Chapters are DUE: next Monday (August 30)

IMPORTANT: Once you have finished your 16 Chapters - I need to see evidence - please email me a copy of your chapter answers when finished. (If handwriting, a short video of you flipping through the pages of work can be quicker than taking a picture/scanning every page.
Remember: for files over 5mb, you may send from a different email address.

Next week we start preparing for the SAC - so make sure you have your essay topic chosen by then!

I have been too busy to write any more answers BUT I plan to change that tomorrow.

Therefore, if you are waiting on answers - check back in tomorrow and I will upload some.
Warm thoughts to you all.


Wednesday, August 25: Last day of Main Lesson time to be spent on Year of Wonders

Please find 3 more chapters below (Chapter 14 is very short).

Two more to go tomorrow (one of which is short).

But first: here are some more videos of me explaining what you will have to do in the SAC and how to start planning now.

> Video: planning your essay step 6: Contention

> Video: planning your essay: Bonus video: Another way to plan your SAC

Keep up the strong work y'all! And please let me know if you need me to know anything.


Tuesday, August 24: MAIN LESSON WORK (for VCE students)

2 more Chapters today. Please note: I am keeping each chapter relatively 'light'.

Once we are through this spell of hard-work - it will make preparation for SAC much more pleasant, next week.

But FIRSTLY: The next two videos from the series from yesterday. (Make sure you watch the first 3 first!)

> Video: planning your essay step 4: Paragraph planning

> Video: planning your essay step 5: Finding Evidence

I will be on zoom tomorrow if you have any questions regarding any of this.



Hi all, please find below some videos I made to help prepare you for the SAC. I will post a few new videos each day from now until Wednesday.

> Video: planning your essay step 1: Introduction

> Video: planning your essay step 2: HOW (note: I forgot, "HOW" also means you can compare: contexts, settings, genre and even titles.)

> Video: planning your essay step 3: Approaching the topic

Please watch, and then apply to your own essay topic, so that you can start to plan your SAC while you finish the remaining chapters for Year or Wonders. I will post some more videos from other sources as the week progresses as well, that should be helpful.

Hopefully you have read my message on the Main Lesson page. Please find 3 chapters below. I am going to post 2 chapters tomorrow and 3 on Wednesday and another 2 on Thursday - so that by the end (or start of next week) we will have finished the book (there's no other way around it!).

Beware that Main Lesson will begin on Thursday - so try to get as many chapters as you can get done as early this week as you can.

I will try to keep the size of the Chapter Questions manageable.

I have not uploaded any Chapter Answers at the moment because I have ran out of time (it's really time` consuming making all these worksheets and videos, let alone having to write the answers out as well!). I will post them as the week progresses.

Finally: I have finished marking all of your Cartoons - please email me if you would like a copy of your result. =)

I will be on your Zoom tomorrow to answer any questions about any of this.

Heads down and happy studying!


Wednesday AND Thursday: August 18-19

Two days/three periods of work uploaded today because of the size of the chapters. There are Three Chapters to do, the first two are small-medium sized (only 4-5 questions) and the third (Chapter 6) is only 3 questions - although one of them is a longer one.

I have uploaded my answers AND me reading through my answers to Chapters 2 and 3 - please let me know if this helps. If it doesn't help, I won't bother doing them (but I will if they do! So let me know).

I have also uploaded the Essay Topics! Choose a couple that you like the sound of, and keep them in mind as you continue studying. Try to focus your note-taking on questions that are relevant to your chosen essay topics!

This should be very helpful - if you use the information wisely. Happy studying all - hope you're enjoying the book! - Jake.

p.s. all work due next MONDAY. We will spend the first few days of Main Lesson completing some more English work so that we can catch up.

Monday, August 16

Hi all, please find Chapter 3 stuff below and my answers to Chapter 1, as well as an audio recording of me going over my answers for Chapter 1. 

You may find just the written answers easiest, or just the audio, or both: reading while listening.

Make sure to take some extra notes/add to your own, as you read/listen to my answers, AND be aware that just because your answer might be different, doesn't mean it isn't also right.

Please feel free to give me some advice on making better audio files, or anything else that would help!

Chapter 3 questions appear large but the same amount as Chapter 2 (there's just more of my notes) AND I have started to give more comparison questions and notes of my own.

Hope you're all hanging in there. Hope to see you all soonish.


Thursday, August 12

Please find questions and analysis for Chapter 2 below. Chapter 2 is a longer chapter than most.


As lockdown has been extended another week, I will post a recording of me going over my answers next Monday. 

Please send me an email if you'd like any help in any way. I'm happy to call you and go over all of the questions and answers with you, if it will help.

So long as you can keep up with the questions and re-reading/studying the book as we go - I will make sure we have enough time to be well prepared to pass the SAC at the end of Term.

Wednesday, August 11:

Salutations Class 11!

Only 1 Chapter of questions to do today, although as it is the first chapter there may be a question or two more than further on (not sure yet!)


As always, just answer what you can - if unsure, move on and fill-in later when back at school or when I post my answers. 

Make sure to download and read the Chapter 1 Analysis - this will help!

I have uploaded Chapter Question in MS Word format so you can type your answers under the questions if you'd prefer.

- Jake

Monday, Week 5: August 9

Hi all,

Not too much work today: A document to read and take notes for and some videos to watch. This is so you can have time to properly finish all of the work from last week and be completely up to date by Wednesday - when the Chapter Questions for Year of Wonders will start. Please use the extra time wisely.

ANY questions, or if you want a phone call to explain/clarify anything - please email me ASAP - jkirov@lyss.vic.edu.au

For anyone absent last week:

Wednesday/Thursday - here is some work for those absent from school on Wednesday and/or Thursday this week. Due: Next Monday, August 2

Monday, July 26

Hi all, I have managed to boil Act 2 down to 6 Questions - due by Wednesday - quite manageable (I hope)!

Please bring all remote work ready to show me, or on USB for me to copy.

Please also remember your CARTOON SAC. This is Due Wednesday.

Looking forward to seeing you all and getting back on track =)



Wednesday, July 21

The following have been scanned from the Insight Study Guide - please read - very useful

Monday, July 19

Please just do your best with the questions, if you get stuck on one, move on. We will feedback our answers when you get back, so you can add anything you’ve missed. The most important thing is that you read/watch – from the start, up until page 17 (school copy) or when Mercy Lewis enters.

Any questions - fire away - jkirov@lyss.vic.edu.au