History of Music

Week 2 


Below is a bit of information about Beethoven's life for anyone who is interested, it is not a requirement. It is interesting to compare Beethoven and Mozart's childhoods. 

Year 12 Song

I would like you to consider and start talking amongst yourselves to select a song for the Class 12 graduation. Needs to be easy to learn (probably excludes Baroque) and a song most will know the melody. Look forward to hearing your ideas. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Today we will look at the amazing Mozart. My video is very short just highlighting some aspects of his life. I ask you watch snippets of the documentary, you don't need to watch the whole thing. Watch the first 14 minutes and from 33.40 to the end. 

Over the weekend  think about the year 12 song and what artist or genre you would like to investigate next week.

Have a great weekend. 

LYE visiting Bach's final resting place in Leipzig 2019

The Classical Period

We will investigate the Classical Period. The music becomes less complex as society becomes more educated, a slowly developing middle class is emerging. Hope you enjoy. 


Today I am happy for you to do some work on your Main Lesson Book. I have created a page with some listening while you work on this document. I would encourage you to listen to last work Puccini's Nessun Dorma. This performance is one of the greatest tenors Luciano Pavarotti, it  lasts a bit over 3 minutes. A very powerful performance. 

J S Bach 

Today we look  into the life of J.S.Bach. Again I would suggest you watch the video then use the notes to help you write up a page in your Main Lesson Book about this truely masterful composer. 


Hope you all had a good weekend. This week we will listen to more music, learn more about what made each period in time unique and have an insight into some of the composer's lives. Hope you enjoy.