History of Music

Week 3 

LYE visiting Bach's final resting place in Leipzig 2019

Year 12 Song

Wednesday and Thursday

For the next two days I would like you to do some independent research on an artist or genre that inspires you. You will need to write this up in your Main Lesson Book. You are welcome to send me a draft if you would like some feedback. What/who were their influences. Childhood, life achievements etc. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all this Friday, I will give you an opportunity to complete your book and we will listen to some music, going over the elements that characterise each period. 

See you Friday. 

I would like you to consider and start talking amongst yourselves to select a song for the Class 12 graduation. Needs to be easy to learn (probably excludes Baroque) and a song most will know the melody. Look forward to hearing your ideas. 

Gustav Mahler

Today we will look at one of the last great Romantic composers Gustav Mahler. 

Romantic Period 

Today we will start to investigate the Romantic Period 1820-1900. We will start by listening to music from each period to help us distinguish between them.