History of Music


The Origins of Music

Today we will look at the theories around why music is a part of every culture on the planet. 


Today will be mainly a listening exercise. Again there is a general discussion about music and then 5 examples to listen to. I would like your ideas on what images the 5 pieces bring to your imagination. I have played the pieces as part of the video however the quality of the sound is so poor that I have added links at the bottom of the instruction page. Hope you enjoy. 

Tuesday and Wednesdays

Hi Class 11, hope you have all had a great holiday. For the next few weeks, we will be discussing the history of western music. The first couple of days I will give you some written instructions and an accompanying video. I have posed some questions which I would like you to email me the answers. Please watch the video before answering the questions. I look forward to receiving your answers. As the video is quite long I have given you 2 days to watch it and email me your answers.