Monday, July 26

Hi all, I have managed to boil Act 2 down to 6 Questions - due by Wednesday - quite manageable (I hope)!

Please bring all remote work ready to show me, or on USB for me to copy.

Please also remember your CARTOON SAC. This is Due Wednesday.

Looking forward to seeing you all and getting back on track =)



Wednesday, July 21

The following have been scanned from the Insight Study Guide - please read - very useful

Monday, July 19

Please just do your best with the questions, if you get stuck on one, move on. We will feedback our answers when you get back, so you can add anything you’ve missed. The most important thing is that you read/watch – from the start, up until page 17 (school copy) or when Mercy Lewis enters.

Any questions - fire away - jkirov@lyss.vic.edu.au