Thursday, October 21

Assessment Outline.pdf

Read carefully and let me know of any questions or concerns.

Otherwise, I'll be at school on Friday if you have any questions.

Reminder: all homework must be finished by next Monday - if you have not been sending me your work, then you must have all homework with you on Monday to show me. Otherwise, you won't be able to join in and will only have 3 lessons to write the essay.

See you all soon!

Wednesday, October 20

One more task to do before the SAC:  Opinion Piece.pdf 
(sorry, last dodgy picture form textbook I promise!)

I would have liked to have sent you feedback on your paragraphs already, but the timing proved impossible. I can mark this paragraph instead of the shark-cull one if you prefer.

So long as all students get me a copy of their paragraph BEFORE the weekend, I will do my utmost to make sure you have feedback by Monday - so you can use it to help you with your essay.

Tomorrow I will post an Assessment Outline about the SAC - which will start on Monday. I am thinking that we will make Monday's double an 'open-session' - where I give you the SAC file, read it through with you, and then will be available to answer individual questions about how to prepare and write the SAC, before you start.

However, I have only received work from 2 students this week. You must have caught up on the work by next Monday in order to start the SAC. Otherwise, you will be at risk of failing the SAC.

I will not post any more work tomorrow, just the Assessment Outline (and perhaps some advice on things you can do to prepare).

Email me!


p.s. I also have a digital copy of some your SACs from Term 2 - I will email them out now - PLEASE read it BEFORE you start writing this paragraph (use it to inform how to write this version better).

Monday, October 18

Great news! Looks like we might be able to sit the SAC  at school next week! 

I will update some more details on Wednesday.

For now: here is an amusing article about human culling: Sharks to begin human cull.pdf

Please read the instructions I have included in the PDF closely and email me once you're done.

Please email me if you need a hand.


Thursday, October 14

Thursday's work: Social Media.pdf     (or page 160 of your Textbook)

Note: There are 4 questions. The first 3 however have to be answered about BOTH tweets =  a)  and  b)

For question 4: we are not going to hold a debate - however, please write your opinion: which is more persuasive? you can elaborate as much or as little as you can.

Don't forget to send me copies of your work!

Hope you've all had a decent week.

Nearly there.


Wednesday, October 13

Wednesday's work: Photographs.pdf

Please note: I would like most students (certainly anyone thinking about exams next year) to complete the questions, and THEN complete the same questions on an article with accompanying photograph that you find yourself. 

(If you think I would tell you to do both, do both; if you think I would tell you to just do it once, then just do it once.)


Please make sure to send me a copy of your work - much easier if I 'tick you off' as you go.

~ Jake

Hello and welcome to Week 2,

Congratulations to all who managed to get their Test submitted on time. For those who didn't please make sure you do that ASAP - as you are losing marks due to it being late (unless you have already asked me for an extension...).

We can relax a little bit this week and next. The plan is to keep revising and extending your knowledge from Term 2, but also adding some new knowledge from studying some different types of texts.

Today's work: Internet Texts.pdf or alternatively there is a different version on pages 158-9 of your Textbook (that might be easier).

I apologise for the poor photo. You may choose to do the questions on another website if you wish or, extension: on both.

Please email me your work when done.

Due to a low response as to whether you would prefer to do the essay or oral first, I can only assume you don't mind: I am going to choose based on the advice of Class 11 last year and we are going to do the essay first. 

The reason this essay will be a little bit harder than the one in Term 2 is because it will need to be completed in one day (date yet to be confirmed). You will be sent the text to study on the morning of the SAC and will have that day to write it.

Otherwise it's the same: if you've passed it once - you can pass it again!

I have a copy of (most of) your SACs from Term Two that I have scanned and will email out to you.

I will mark your Tests from last week once they're all submitted.

I will post another exercise on Wednesday.

~ Jake

Monday, October 4: TERM 4!

Welcome to Term 4 Video: Please watch!

SAC - Test of Argument and Persuasive Techniques.docx = DUE FRIDAY

Textbook resources to help with Test:

> Chapter 11.pdf

> Chapter 14.pdf

jkirov@lyss.vic.edu.au - email me with your preference! If you don't have a preference, we will start with the essay.