Monday 18th Oct
Happy Monday,
It sounds like we might be back at school on Friday!? Fingers crossed.
Hopefully I will see you all at the zoom this morning so we can work out our Research Question and our hypothesis, and a plan for collecting some survey data.
I have added a couple more videos and photos to the google docs, and will continue to, so keep checking in there. 
Also have a read of the website below,  and take note of what the main concerns are (this is a anti-MTB proposal website.)

Hello Class 11

Today we will start our 'Fieldtrip'. The fieldtrip report is a SAC, we will complete it together over the next couple of weeks. 
For today we are just familiarising ourselves with the proposed mountain biking development that is in process for Warburton and surrounds.

This project has been in process for a long time and will bring a lot more tourists to the area, but of course not everyone is happy with the development as we will discover!
Watch the video below for todays tasks (which is mostly investigating a few websites, and exploring the Google Drive). I will see you at the Zoom on Monday and we will make our Research Question and Hypothesis together.

Monday 11th October
Hello All,
Today's lesson continues with tourism in Melbourne (chapter 4 in text book).
Listen to the Audio (and/or read from the text book) to answer the questions in the document.
Friday we will start the "Fieldtrip"!
Please send me your work
Thanks :)

Melbourne Tourism Doc

Sorry, I had technical difficulties with the audio this week and had to split it up- it should still make sense if you listen to them in order. 

Geog 11 Lesson2Part1
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Geog 11 Lesson2Part2
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Geog 11 Lesson2Part3
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Friday 8th October
Hi Class 11,
As I said on the zoom meeting the other day we will be starting our Fieldtrip Report soon, which is you main assessment task for this term.
Today and Monday we are going through a Tourism case study of Victoria and Melbourne- this is from chapter 4 of your text book. There will be audios and questions to answer and you may have to refer to maps and graphs in your text book.
Next Friday we will begin the "Fieldtrip". :)
Good luck, let me know if you have any questions.

Tourism in Victoria
Lesson 1 Term 4 11Geog
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Friday 10th September

Hello Geographers,

Almost done the Term, well done!

Not too much work today, just listen to the audio and follow the directions below.

I hope you have a good break :)

See you next Term.

FNQ Friday 10th
00:00 / 09:45

Tourism in North Queensland-



Far North Queensland (FNQ) is marketed as a sustainable tourism location. What management strategies are in place to ensure that this is the case?

  1. Outline in dot points the 4 main strategies outlined in the audio (or in your book p50-61)

2. Answer questions 4-8 on page 63 of your text book.

Monday 6th September

Hello, I hope you had a good weekend :)

Today we will continue with our case study of Tourism in Tropical North Queensland.

Please listen to the audio below, and open the document for tasks.

Tourism Monday
00:00 / 10:39
North Queensland Tourism Impacts

Friday 4th September

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a lovely sunny start to Spring.

Today your SAC is due, please email to me if you haven't already.

We are now going to escape lockdown (in our imaginations!) with a case study on North Queensland tourism, starting today, which will take us to the end of this term.

This will be based partly on Chapter 3 in your text book, as well as other resources.

For today please open the document below and work your way through the questions and readings. 

Take Care


Aerial View of Coast

Monday 30th August

Almost Spring! Hooray. I hope you all had a good weekend.

Today work on the last two pages of your SAC and please send them to me somehow by Friday (Friday we will start a case study). If you are having issues upload/sending work please let me know so we can work out how I can get your SAC.

The last two pages of the SAC are climate (see below for how to make a climograph), and tourism campaigns for your chosen location (this can be a website, video or commercial).

The last task is to look at the impacts and responses to tourism. Look back to our lessons on this if you need to, and you can use your own research to find out those impacts, or you can propose what you think might be an impact (but it needs to be specific and you need to justify why that could be an impact).

Good Luck finishing off this work, see you in zoom land. :) 


Friday 27th August

Hello Geographers,
Continue to work on your SAC's- hopefully you are up to pages 5 and 6: what stage of Butler's model is your destination? Review the work on Butlers model if you need to. You can apply this question either to your country as a whole, or to a specific area. The next part is about accomodation- look into a few different options, you could look up tourism sites which will probably direct your to hotels/resorts, but you can also use 'air bnb', or look up campgrounds or camper vans...!? What are the costs of different options, where would you actually like to stay? Remember you have a budget to consider!
Also please drop me an email to let me know of your chosen destination.
P.S- On a different but related note, what do you think of this recent Quantas Ad?

Monday 23rd August

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely sunny weekend :)

We will continue with the SAC, hopefully everyone got the first couple of pages done. If you can let me know what destinations you chose then I will be able to tailor my help to you a bit more...

The next couple of pages ask you to look into Visa's and immunisations...

A good start for Visa's is

this will provide you with links for specific places for more info...

Some places require you to have certain vaccinations (or recommend them)- there is a webpage listed on the SAC to get you started, but probably the best place to search is pages specifically for your destination.

You then need to look into 3 sites to visit- a natural site, a cultural site and a dark tourism site. Use your text book if you need to clarify those terms.

Let me know how you're going and if you need any help- I'm happy to look at your progress and give you feedback along the way.

Have a good week, hope to see you in zoom land :)


Hello Class 11 Geog's,

Today we will make a start on our SAC for this Term; planning a holiday.
Please open the document below. This piece of work is due on the 3rd September so you have plenty of time.
I suggest you start with the first 2 pages today, which involves choosing where to go, and organising flights and insurance. 
Make sure you keep track of your budget and your sources of information as you go.
If you can't print/add to the document you can write up you answers in a separate document, just label the question numbers clearly.

You may run into difficulties obtaining information for aspects of this task due to the current travel situation- let me know if this is the case.

Good luck and email me if you have any questions. I will keep updating this page with info and tips as we work through the SAC. I can also call you if you need a conversation.
p.s This is obviously 'open book', as you need to use the internet for your research, but it must all be your own work.
You can ask a parent/adult to check your work to make sure you are on the right track if need be.

Hello all,

I hope you had a good weekend, it was a lovely sunny day yesterday!

There is a task below for you to complete today (with Audio explanation as well).

Friday we will start our SAC, whether we are at school or not!

Please email me today (Monday) to let me know how you are going and that you will be on board for the SAC.

It won't be a very stressful SAC, it's just another (slightly larger) task that we will work on for a couple of weeks so don't worry, I will be here if you need help.

Good Luck :)

MOnday 16th Unit 2
00:00 / 04:12
EcoTourism Task

Week 5 Term 3

Friday 13th... aghhh! It's Friday the 13th!

Hi Class 11, please listen to the Audio and complete the questions for today's lesson. Let me know if you have any questions :) 

Friday 13th Unit 2
00:00 / 20:25

Hello Class 11 Geography,

See below for today's worksheet and accompanying Audio.

Please send me your work as we go, as it seems like we might be stuck in lockdown for a while...

Also visit this page and check out where the most Overtourism sites are:

Good Luck, I will give you each a phone call during the week.


Worksheet- Tourism Impacts
Monday 9th August UNit 2
00:00 / 12:26

Hi Class 11 Geographers,

What a shame, back in lockdown already...

I will attach below a powerpoint presentation on Sustainable Tourism (Butler's model), with a couple of tasks on the last slide.

I will also attach an audio where I basically talk you through the Powerpoint, so if you can open them both at the same time you will be able to follow along with the audio and look at the graph.

Please email me your responses (email address above), and I will give you a call next week.

Good Luck


p.s. I got the days mixed up in the audio but you know what I mean :)

Butlers model PP
Butlers model Audio