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NEW MAIN LESSON: PARZIVAL - Please let your MOUSE HOVER over the "Main Lesson" button above, and the link for Parzival should drop-down.


NEW ENGLISH MAIN LESSON: Coming this Thursday August 26

DUE to remote learning - the first three days of Main Lesson must be spent on VCE English in order to catch up.

We must be finished questions for ALL chapters by the end of the week/start of next week. I cannot give more than 3 days of the Main Lesson, which means that we will need to get through 10 Chapters this week (2 a day - including Main Lesson and normal English lesson times. It may get repetitive - but its only for a week!) - I will also post some other videos and things to help.

That will leave us next week to compare the texts further, read Themes and Characters handouts prepare for the SAC - in week 9 - hopefully at school; if not, at home towards the end of the week - to give you more time to prepare.



Friday 21st August 2021

Dear Class 11s, 

Well done on making it to the end of the Main Lesson during lockdown. Today is a catch-up day and end of ML test/quiz. The test is open book which means you are welcome to look at you Main Lesson notes, the lesson PDFs, and any other resources. Allow approximately 30 minutes to complete the task. 

Quiz can be found here:

~ Renee

Thursday 20th August 2021

Dear Class 11s, 

Please continue with your project. If you have chosen to analysis a different artwork to the one that you are copying, please include a photo of the analysed artwork with the text (if your writing your response). 

If you main lesson book is completed by tomorrow, please bring it when you come in for pick up. 


Wednesday 19th August 2021

Dear Class 11s, 

I hope you are all enjoying researching the artist you've chosen. If you're following Monday's prescribed timeline then you will be up to experimenting with the skills and techniques that your artist used. If we were at school then you would have access to specialist equipment and resources to be able to do this, therefore, being at home makes this part of the assignment challenging if you don't have a supply of paints, pastels, papers, etc. To overcome this challenge, I'd like you to think creatively and ask yourself, how can I create a similar visual effect as my artist using what I have at home? Modernism was all about experimenting so think outside the box. For example, using tea or coffee to create washes or making homemade play-dough or paints. Have a look around your home and use whatever you can. 

Once you've done some trials and are feeling confidence, you can begin creating your replica of one of your artist's pieces. 

Have fun with this activity :-) 

~ Renee

Tuesday 18th August 2021

Dear Class 11s, 


I hope you are all enjoying your research. I recommend that you spend today working on the art analysis section of your assignment. To help you do this I have created a drafting page that has some additional points and examples for you to follow. You don't have to use it and I won't be marking it. It is simply there to help you do your analysis. 

By the end of the day I would like everyone to send in a photo or two of their Main Lesson book so as I can see how you are all going. You can send in work from last week or this week. I won't be scrutinising what you've done, I just want to get an insight into how you are all going. 

Tomorrow I will be posting some pointers on how to make a copy of your chosen artwork. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:

~ Renee 







Monday 17th August 2021

Dear Class 11s, 

During Main Lesson this week you will be working on an individual research assignment based on an artist of your choosing. Thank you to those students who have already chosen who they want to research, if you are yet to do so, the list is here.

The assignment questions are here.


You are welcome to work through these at your own pace, however, I recommend the following timeline: 

MONDAY - Biographical research

TUESDAY - Art analysis (I will be posting some support material for doing this on Tuesday)

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY - Artwork reproduction 

FRIDAY - Catch up/finishing touches, and end of Main Lesson quiz. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

~ Renee 

Support page for drafting analysis of artwork

Slides 9/8/21
Slides 12/8/21
Slides 11/8/21
Slides 10/8/21