Week 4 8/8/20

Dear VCE students 

I will give you the double period on Tuesdays to complete your 2nd outcome and I will stay on my email and answer any question immediately that you might have at that time. We can also work out when you would like to present these. 

Each Friday I will load some Musical Language exercises to do. Please complete these and send them for correction. Below is this weeks exercises based on chord progressions. You will need to click on each example to match it with the exercise given example track 65. 

Week 5 11/8/20

This week we will continue to work on chord progressions, compound time, rhythmic dictations Click here for directions. I will include directions in an email. 

Week 6 18/8/20

Week 7  25/8/20

This week some revision on Minor and Major pentatonic scales as well as introducing half and full diminished 7th chords. 

Click here the video lesson

Click here for the exercises after viewing the lesson. 

I sent you all an email on Tuesday with a link to a songwriting class, in preparation for next term. Please let me know if you did not get this and I will resend.

Below is a link to 4 pages of Rhythmic dictations. Pages 122-123 is two parts, you need to fill in the missing 2 bars, remember isolate the instrument you need to transcribe and  focus on it. Pages 124-125 is four parts and more challenging. See how you go however if you can't do this don't stress. it's tricky.

Click here for the 4 pages 

Click here for the info to remind you how to get to the audio links. 

Week 8  01/09/20

Week 9 9/9/20

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