Hi Edana,


Hope you are well in lockdown 5. 

This week I would like you to use your time wisely to get as much work done on your 2nd outcome. The work you did on this outcome for Unit 1 was outstanding. Your exercises were relevant to the selected works your recorded exercises were performed with a high degree of musical execution. I enjoyed the format you presented this work in. So it is essentially the same as for unit 1. 

Find the issues for each work, isolate the explicit issue and create exercises to overcome the issues. It is crucial you understand and explain how the exercise helps to fix the problem. 

3 exercises for each work and again I would like 3 of these to be original exercises you create. The rest can be in consultation with your teacher. 

I have included some snippets from the study design to help you in this process. Click here to access this doc and please feel free to contact me if you have an issues. 

VCE Unit 2 
Term 3 week 3

For todays lesson I would like you to continue on with your 2nd outcome. Again the closer it is to completion the more we can concentrate on running your full program and the music language aspects of this subject. If you have any question please contact me on my email.

Hi Edana,

Hope you are well. Today I would like you to finish working on your 2nd outcome. Hopefully we are catching up Thursday to see how you have progressed with this task. 


A bit of work on toned ear will keep you up to date with the Aural component. 

Remember the more you achieve in this lockdown time the more we can concentrate on your presentation of your final performance when we are back at school.