Product Design

& Technology

Unit 1

Term 2, Weeks 5 & 6 Classwork


Hello Tara and Antonio, 


I trust that your production is progressing nicely and that you are recording its stages. Remember to photograph each step in the stages of production and to annotate - as suggested in your workbook and textbook. Thank you for emailing the Activity tasks. Another reminder is that as per your timeline, you are up to Production and Journaling the process. Refer to the workbook activities and your text book.

9.1 - 9.2,  log of work DFT p195 


I will need to see images of your production and annotated journaling this week. Please email them to me.

I look forward to seeing your product in week 7 - when we will resume classes at school and begin product comparison & Evaluation.


Feel free to email me with any problems you may encounter, or with any questions, or suggestions to make this remote experience the best it can be.  


Take care,


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