Product Design
& Technology
Unit 2

Week 3 Term 3

Hopefully just a couple more days  stuck at home, but let's make the most of the opportunity to get some more work completed for your Folio so that we can concentrate on practical work once back at school.

You should now have a materials list and costings, along with a production plan. You should be able to complete the Risk Assessments for at least 3 tools that you have used while making your product. Also try to put together a series of annotated images that act as a journal of the different stages of production.

If you feel like your Folio is as complete as it can be then you can start to research 'Innovative workshop storage' as the focus of unit 2 is to work as a team to design and build some new storage for tools and projects in the workshop. As you did with your project for unit 1 you can collect some images from the internet and annotate what it is about the image that appeals to you. Think about storage for saws, hammers, chisels, clamps, planes and under bench storage for equipment that isn't used regularly.

Feel free to email with any questions or work for me to have a look at.

Tool storage.webp