Product Design & Technology
Unit 2

Term 4 Week 3 October 19

Looks like we will be back later in the week. Nothing new this week but please make sure all recent tasks are complete so that we can focus on practical work next week. 

  • Your own brief summary of the Product Design Factors and parameters (see video above)

  • Your own artistic representation of the Product Design Process (see video above)

  • Complete research for workshop storage design and e-mail through to me please

  • Continue to refine your Design Folio​

Product Design Process

In preparation for next year let's revisit the Product Design Process as represented below in a wheel. Create your own artistic version which clearly identifies for 4 stages and 10 steps of the process.






Workshop Storage Research


A focus of unit 2 is to work as a team to design and build some new storage for tools and projects in the workshop. As you did with your project for unit 1 you need to collect some images from the internet and annotate what it is about the image that appeals to you. Aim for between 5-10 images.Can you design a storage option to help better organise our workshop? We will break up the research tasks as some people have already made a start.

-Jack: workbench restoration to include storage

-Tamara: storage for chisels and gouges

-Ari: storage for tennon saws and panel saws

-Muchy: storage for files and rasps 

Refining your Folio

Check out some sample pages from Top Designs, which is a collection of high end VCE work from last year.

Sample Folios

In terms of folios  you should now have a materials list and costings, along with a production plan. You should be able to complete the Risk Assessments for at least 3 tools that you have used while making your product. Also try to put together a series of annotated images that act as a journal of the different stages of production. If your practical work is complete, then you can have a go at the evaluation questions attached.
Please email with any questions and your annotated research images for your element of the workshop makeover as listed above.

Tool storage.webp