Studio Arts

Monday 26th July 2021:

Dear Class 11 Studio Arts, 

Thank you to those people who have submitted their draft exploration proposal, if you haven't done so, please email me whatever you have done and we can go from there. 

For todays (Monday) and tomorrow's (Tuesday) lesson time I would like you to collect 4 sources of inspiration that will help you with your theme and art form. As a guide, your sources of inspiration could include: 

* 1-2 images of art work from artist/s who have explored the same subject matter as you (their focus could be different)

* 1-2 images that represents focus of the theme you want to explore - these could be images of artwork from other artists or they could be images you've made yourself in that past, e.g., photos, drawings, other artwork. 

* 1-2 images of art work from artist/s who work in the same art form/s as you intend to work in.


Paste your images into your visual diary, label, and annotate. If you don't have your visual diary with you, record your work on a word document that can be printed out. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:


​Warm regards,

~ Renée 



Monday 19th July 2021:

Dear Class 11 Studio Arts,


While working from home I’d like you to begin your Exploration Proposal for Unit 2. In this document you need to write an outline of your intentions for what sort of artworks you will be making this semester. The first things to consider are: 


1.     Your subject matter and focus

2.     The art forms you want to explore


Subject matter and focus

Your subject matter can be anything but I recommend you choose something that will hold your attention. For example, surfing, gender issues, the environment, political issues, philosophy, architecture, or anything else that interests you. Within your subject matter you will need to define your focus, if it’s surfing you may want to focus on trying to capture the perfect wave. Here’s an example of an introduction to an exploration proposal in which the subject matter is architecture and with a focus is on historical and country buildings. You will notice in this example that a personal explanation of why this subject matter and focus has been chosen. 


My focus and subject matter throughout the project will be based on country/historical/old architecture. Recently I have been watching a few movies and TV Series, one of them is a Thai Series called “Who Owns the Land?”  The locations are surrounded by nature, farm and country house style. Country house is always a personal interest of mine whether it’s wooden or stone. For me, country architecture represents a peaceful place to be and it has a sense of down-to-earth. Through research of historical/country buildings, I am very fascinated by entrance, windows and walking path aspects of architecture.  Entrance is the first impression of any buildings, whether the building is big or small the first impression is everything.


I choose Historical Architecture because I feel like historical architecture has a lot of meaning and mystery behind it, every detail looks as if it has mystery code in it.  It gives a viewer a sense of respect and honour of the place. I also choose Country Architecture because I like nature and it has a peaceful feel to it.


Art forms

You are welcome to use whatever mediums, techniques, processes you want, as per what is practical. Painting, drawing, photography (darkroom or digital) clay, and mixed media are common choices but other mediums are possible - if you’re not sure, run your ideas by me and we can have a chat about it. 


Below is a sample for photography: 


The art form which I will be exploring is digital photograph as it is the main art form for this project and it is also my main strength when it comes to art. Another art form which I would like to explore as well is sketching and drawings. Architecture is not purely about the buildings itself, it is through planning and sketching that comes great architecture. Although sketching is totally not my strength, in fact it is my weak side when it comes to art but I would love to learn the skill.


Summary of work to be done in lockdown: 

Monday and Tuesday lessons:

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Research possible subject matter and focus area

  • Write a draft of what you want to do that includes a discussion of:

    • Your subject matter and focus 

    • The art form/s you want to use 


The expected total word count for the above two parts of your exploration proposal is about 200 words. Don’t stress about making this perfect - this is only a draft. Getting started by putting ideas down on paper is the most challenging part so just write down what you think you want to do and we can go from there. 

Wednesday lesson:

  • Select 2 artists who inspire you. These may be artists who work with the same subject matter but different art forms than what you're planning on using, or vice versa.

    • ​This will require some research that can be done by looking at Art books you may have at home or via internet searches.

    • Record the names of these artists on your exploration proposal draft.


Please feel free to send me emails to run ideas by me or ask questions, or anything. 

I will be attempting to contact you all via a phone call at some point over the next few days to discuss the work.

Your draft is due this Wednesday. You’re welcome to use the template below (I also sent this via email) or create your own document. Please email your exploration proposal draft to:


​Warm regards,

~ Renée 


Unit 2 Exploration Proposal Draft template